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Staffing professionals together with a unique team of researchers offer prospective candidates and clients a seamless transition in the hiring process.

Permanent Placement and Selective Contract Recruiting in the area of Drug Safety, Medical Communications and Medical Writing.



Our vast global database which is populated on a daily basis, consists of all tiers of a typical Drug Safety department. Expert Safety nurses, proficient in the process of AE and SAE triage through to the correctly coded submission. Through the corporate ranks up to Medical Directors and VP's.

Our ultra confidential approach enables us to be your eyes and ears in an ever changing environment, to assure you of a savvy progression in your quest and path to career excellence.



It is no coincidence that we work with "the big and the small" .

We are consulted by large global firms who utilize us for our expertise and huge network in this niche. Smaller startups and Biotech's rely on our staffing experience and know- how in both investigational and post marketed surveillance professionals.

We are your eyes and ears for the industry.



Press Release

We are proud to announce, that we have partnered with Quantum Solutions India in an effort to introduce this dynamic highly respected Drug Safety CRO to our clients.

Currently Quantum has earned a proven and audited track record of trust from major global Pharmaceutical companies (and with whom they have ongoing associations for the past six years).

They are a quality-driven Drug Safety contract research organization serving the pharmaceutical industry and specializing in Drug Safety services. Their highly-qualified, professionally-trained, English-speaking staff and world-class IT infrastructure, guarantees very high standards. They have an impeccable record doing high-end work in Drug Safety: conscious of quality, aware of time constraints, and of the need to be cognizant of savings.

Drug Safety is what they do. And they make no compromises.


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